Experts in;

Graphic Design, Typesetting, Photography, Printing, Digital Photo Album, etc

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our works under this profession include designing of variety of cards (e.g. birthday cards, success cards, invitation cards, complementary cards, etc.), brochures, posters, cassette covers, CD covers, CD jackets, CD Inlays, Plastic ID cards, etc.


We engage in typesetting of all kinds of documents (letters, project works, etc.) and also act as exams consult agents


Photography 1:

We undertake video coverage, normal size pictures (5x7), instant pictures, as well as instant passport pictures.


Photography 2:

Wonderful works are produced in the field of editing. We do well in editing videos and conversion of works in different directions. VHS to VCD, VHS to DVD, VCD to DVD, etc.


Excellent work is our priority.


Printing 1:

Joe Lee multimedia do well in screen printing. works here include printing of T-shirts, handkerchiefs, buntings, crests, etc. 


Printing 2:

Digital prints are perform here. Our tasks include printing of bill boards, signboards, etc. 


We undertake printing of all kinds. 

Digital Photo Album